Center Center

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American Ballet Theatre principal dancer James Whiteside chats with Trey Elling about CENTER CENTER: A FUNNY, SEXY, SAD ALMOST-MEMOIR OF A BOY IN BALLET. Questions include:

  • Why write a memoir when he’s still got so much life to live? (01:10)
  • What was his relationship with each of his parents like? (3:04)
  • How was his trip to NYC’s Lincoln Center as a pre-teen epiphanous? (05:52)
  • Was it difficult coming out at the age of 16 in 2001, and why did he decide to do it? (06:38)
  • Why did he almost not accept an offer to join the ABT after ten years as a pro? (09:45)
  • Is there a glaring example of homophobia in the world of ballet? (13:11)
  • What is his favorite Fiona Apple song, and why? (15:42)
  • Which personal body image issues used to bother him, and how did he get over those insecurities? (17:49)