Caught With My Pants Down

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Actor Jim Piddock chats with Trey Elling about CAUGHT WITH MY PANTS DOWN: AND OTHER TALES FROM A LIFE IN HOLLYWOOD. Topics include:

  • The moment he knew he was a good actor (0:24)
  • How the sudden death of his dad affected Jim in his mid-20s (9:53)
  • Dustin Hoffman’s direct and indirect impact on Jim’s acting career (18:37)
  • Jim’s uncomfortable experience with Larry David (22:51)
  • Landing his role in Best in Show and just how funny those scenes were with Fred Willard (34:22)
  • Invaluable advice he received from Harold Ramis (43:10)
  • The importance of exiting your comfort zone (46:45)
  • What Eric Idle means to him (50:57)
  • Jim’s answer to the question, ‘What does it all mean?’ (54:42)
  • The charities that will benefit from the book’s sales (59:17)