Catching Lightning

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Emmy-winning filmmaker Pat Kondelis chats with Trey Elling about ⁠CATCHING LIGHTNING⁠. The new four-part documentary series on Showtime, directed by Kondelis, details the life of “Lightning” Lee Murray, a British MMA fighter with superstar potential, whose career and freedom came to an end abrupt after he was discovered to have pulled off the largest cash heist in British history. Topics include:

  • Why he wanted to tell this story (1:24)
  • Who Lee Murray is (2:42)
  • What it took to get Lee’s wife on the record for the first time (4:28)
  • The unique circumstances of Lee getting caught and punished (6:38)
  • Whether he tried to speak with Lee in Moroccan prison (7:19)
  • The one question he would ask Lee (8:37)
  • The legendary story involving Lee & Tito Ortiz in a London street brawl (10:57)
  • How he’s so good at re-create stories being told (12:59)
  • How would’ve won a fight in 2004 between Tito Ortiz and Lee Murray (14:32)
  • The most surprising element of Lee Murray’s story (16:12)
  • Why he’s serving his punishment in Morocco and not England (18:07)
  • Whether this series could help get his sentence overturned (19:12)
  • The nature vs nurture element of Lee’s mistakes (22:01)