Brian Simpson

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Austin-based standup comedian Brian Simpson chats with Trey Elling. Brian regularly performs at Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership, including hosting “Bottom of the Barrel” on Tuesday nights. And he’s taping his new special there August 25th thru 27th. Topics include:

  • Austin’s thriving standup scene (1:37)
  • Serving in the Marines (5:40)
  • Taping his special at the Mothership at the end of August (8:02)
  • The first time he went up on stage (9:44)
  • Being starstruck by Tony Woods (11:48)
  • Why so many good comics come out of DC (14:12)
  • Brian’s biggest fear (15:26)
  • What he loves about the Comedy Mothership (18:57)
  • Making it (19:30)
  • ATX food (20:36)
  • ATX politicians (25:37)