Big Jay Oakerson

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Comedian, and radio/podcast host ⁠Big Jay Oakerson⁠ chats with Trey Elling. Jay’s new comedy special, ⁠Dog Belly⁠, is available now ⁠on his YouTube channel⁠. Topics include:

  • Getting love for the new comedy special (0:36)
  • Ari Shaffir helping out (2:17)
  • Learning from Dave Attell (3:54)
  • How Jay crafts new jokes (5:34)
  • Comedy audiences (7:58)
  • Austin’s burgeoning comedy scene (12:05)
  • P. Terry’s as a late-night powder keg in Austin (16:52)
  • The Philadelphia Eagles (17:49)
  • Jay’s best and worst moments with his fellow Philly fans (23:45)