Standup comedian ⁠Ali Siddiq⁠ chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his headlining shows at ⁠Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership⁠ on ⁠July 28th & 29th⁠. Ali’s new standup special, ⁠DOMINO EFFECT II: LOSS⁠, is out now. Topics include:

  • His impressions of the Comedy Mothership (0:54)
  • Focusing on ‘loss’ in his new special (1:56)
  • Letting your kids lament their trivial problems (4:54)
  • Why he operates the way he does (6:53)
  • The biggest challenge for parents in 2023 (16:36)
  • The importance of playing sports (22:48)
  • Good boxers–and athletes–remaining positive (29:02)